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xbase Reminders: Bringing the Power of Spaced Repetition to Your Twitter Bookmarks

HongbeomApr 9, 2024·Last Updated On Apr 26, 2024Productivity·Tutorials
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xbase Reminders: Bringing the Power of Spaced Repetition to Your Twitter Bookmarks

Xbase Reminders is a feature that helps active Twitter users easily revisit and retain valuable tweets they've bookmarked, ensuring that insightful and informative content doesn't get lost in the fast-paced timeline.

A quick 23 seconds demo ⬇️

Here's how it works:

  1. 🔖 Bookmark tweets as you normally would, using Twitter's built-in bookmarking feature.
  1. ⏰ Set a reminder interval for each bookmarked tweet on the Xbase web-app like the image below. Choose from options like "1 week," "2 weeks," "1 month," or create a custom interval that suits your needs.
  1. 📩 The tweet will then be marked as read and removed from the Unread folder.
  1. 🔔 When the reminder is due, the tweet will automatically be moved back into the Unread folder, prompting you to review it.
  1. 🔁 After reviewing the tweet, you can choose to set another reminder for a later date, mark the tweet as "read," or remove it from your bookmarks altogether.

Xbase Reminders is the latest addition to our suite of tools created to improve the way you interact with Twitter. Twitter's design prioritizes the newest information, which means that old tweets rarely get resurfaced. As a result, even if you bookmark a particularly interesting tweet, finding the time to revisit it can be a challenge. Xbase Reminders solves this problem by bringing those valuable tweets back to your attention at the perfect time.

By leveraging the power of spaced repetition and active recall, Xbase Reminders helps you transform your Twitter bookmarks from a forgotten collection into a valuable resource for personal and professional growth. No longer will you bookmark a tweet only to forget about it days, weeks, or months later. With Xbase Reminders, you can be confident that you'll revisit and retain the Twitter content that matters most to you.

Whether you're a marketer looking to stay on top of industry trends, a startup founder seeking advice from experienced entrepreneurs, or simply someone who loves to learn from the wealth of knowledge shared on Twitter every day, Xbase Reminders is the tool you've been waiting for.

So why wait? Sign up for Xbase today and start making the most of your Twitter experience. With Xbase Reminders, you'll never forget a valuable tweet again. 🚀