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How I use Xbase to get more out of Twitter

HongbeomSep 13, 2023·Last Updated On Apr 26, 2024Productivity·Tutorials
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How I use Xbase to get more out of Twitter

First off, I follow people who are a couple of levels up from where I'm at. If I'm at $5K a month, I'll be following guys making $50K, especially those managing multiple income streams, SaaS and service agencies. ex) I follow Nick and Marc. Why? Bc the strategies, resources, and failures they share are like free mentorship sessions. Every morning, I'm on Twitter mobile app and spend 10 minutes scrolling through and bookmarking 10 to 20 tweets that are relevant to my businesses.

Now, some tweets are clunky on mobile. That’s where Xbase (my own SaaS) comes in. I circle back to those bookmarks, often re-reading, jotting down notes, updating my to-dos. I turn my bookmarks into actions. Ex) just yesterday morning, I upgraded our dev team’s default code editor to and reviewed this open source Threads APIs. I also get a ton of SaaS project ideas from Twitter so if you are looking for a new project to work on, see what problems people are complaining about on Twitter.