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How to search your old tweets with xbase

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How to search your old tweets with xbase

As a Twitter power user, you've likely shared countless valuable insights, ideas, and resources through your tweets over time. But locating a specific tweet from months or years ago can be a struggle, and the idea of scrolling through your entire Twitter history to repurpose old content might seem overwhelming.

That's where Xbase comes in – it's a search engine for your tweets and bookmarks. Here's how Xbase search works:

How to organize your tweets using xbase

  1. 📥 Download xbase extension, you can download your entire Twitter history, including all your tweets or retweets for free. No more worrying about losing access to your old content or relying on Twitter's limited search capabilities.
  1. 🏷️ Custom tagging and categorization: Organize your tweets by assigning custom tags and categories, making it even easier to find and repurpose your content in the future. Create tags for specific topics, events, or campaigns to keep your Twitter history organized and accessible.
  1. 🔁 Repurpose with ease: With Xbase, repurposing your old tweets is a breeze. Once you've found the perfect tweet or thread, you can easily export it in various formats like JSON. Use your old content to create new blog posts, social media updates, or newsletters, saving you time and effort.

Xbase helps businesses, thought leaders, and anyone wanting to control their Twitter history. Stop wasting time scrolling endlessly or relying on basic search. With Xbase's fast search, custom tagging, and easy content repurposing, managing your Twitter presence is a breeze.

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