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How to save threads from Twitter to xbase?

HongbeomNov 30, 2023Productivity·Tutorials
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How to save threads from Twitter to xbase?

Have you ever stumbled upon a Twitter thread packed with insights, tips, or a story so good you wanted to keep it forever? But the next thing, it's lost in the endless scroll of your feed. That's where xbase comes, a digital librarian for X. Whether you're doing research, gathering educational threads, or just saving threads for leisure reading, xbase ensures that the threads you care about are always within reach.

Step 1: Simply click on the bookmark icon

Spot a thread worth saving? Simply click on the bookmark icon beneath the first tweet to add the entire thread to your xbase.

Step 2: Wait for the Threads to sync

xbase will automatically start syncing the thread. Once the sync is complete, you'll find an 'Expand Thread' button along with the estimated reading time for the thread below.

NOTE: The syncing of threads can be slow due to Twitter API rate limits. If you're saving many threads, it could take up to an hour for a complete sync.

Step 3: Revisit Threads

To revisit, filter your xbase library by selecting the 'Threads' tag. It's that easy – all your threads, neatly stored and ready for reading anytime.

Need Help?

If you run into any issues saving threads to xbase, don't hesitate to reach out to us at team@getxbase.com for support!